Supply of baking soda for industrial use

Supply of baking soda for industrial use

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Industrial Baking Soda, Sodium bicarbonate industrial grade or sodium bicarbonate industrial grade. As we all know, sodium bicarbonate is a widely used cleaning product and is often used as an oxidizer for cleaning agents. When mixed with warm water to form a paste, it can be used as a mild washing substance, suitable for cleaning a variety of items, from heavily stained cups to large industrial boiler descaling.

Using sodium bicarbonate in this way is particularly effective in removing any rust or paint from the surface of metal and bricks. When used with compressed air, the process is called soda brasting
The supply of carboammonium chloride as a proven agent for neutralizing gas emissions is particularly effective when used in flue gas treatment. Therefore, ensure successful capture and control of emissions. In the oil and gas industry, sodium bicarbonate is used on drilling platforms to treat cement pollution in water

Leather and tan

Sodium bicarbonate can be used to ensure that the leather remains soft and can penetrate dyes. Adding sodium bicarbonate can prevent the biodegradation of animal skin fibers.

Rubber and plastic

The carbon dioxide produced when sodium bicarbonate reacts with heat or acid can be used to shape and shape rubber into the desired shape. In this manufacturing process, it is called a blowing agent.

Swimming pool improvement

If the alkalinity of the swimming pool needs to be increased, sodium bicarbonate is a good choice. This is a cost-effective and safe option, easily available.

Fire extinguisher

Sodium bicarbonate can be found in BC dry powder fire extinguishers. This unique blue-white powder can only be used for fires of flammable liquids, gases, greases and electrical equipment. The heat of the fire causes the sodium bicarbonate to release carbon dioxide, causing the fire to lose oxygen.