Snowflake baking soda factory direct supply

Snowflake baking soda factory direct supply

Product Details

1. Product Nature
1. Physical properties: Sodium bicarbonate is white crystalline powder, non-toxic, salty, and can be used as a food additive. Soluble in water, insoluble in ethanol, soluble in aqueous solution. It is weakly alkaline, easy to deliquesce in the air, easy to decompose when heated, and release carbon dioxide. The density is 2.16~2.22g/cm3.

2. Chemical properties
1. Can react with acid: Any acid stronger than carbonic acid can react with baking soda. Generate the corresponding sodium salt, carbon dioxide and water, such as reaction with hydrochloric acid: NaHCO3{{2}}HCl=NaCl{{4}}H2O+CO2↑
2. The aqueous solution is alkaline: Baking soda is a strong alkali and weak acid salt, and its aqueous solution is alkaline. NaHCO3{{3}}H2O←→NaOH+H2CO3

3. Easily decomposed by heating: Baking soda is easily decomposed into sodium carbonate and carbon dioxide at high temperature, and soda ash is produced by this reaction. NaHCO3=△NaCO3{{4}}H2O+CO2↑

3. The scope of application of the product is mainly used for:
Food fermentation, pharmacy (pharmaceutical-grade baking soda), tanning, mineral processing, smelting, fire extinguishing agent, feed additives, spirulina breeding, daily chemicals, rubber, dyes, petroleum, environmental protection and other fields. Packing specification: 25 kg or 50 kg laminated textile bag (cowhide bag), lined with a plastic bag. Tons of packaging bags, etc. (special packaging requirements can be negotiated).

four,Snowflake baking soda manufacturersDirect supply:

1. Coarse particles: The coarsest particles of our company's large-particle baking soda reach 20 mesh.

2. Strong activity: The baking soda produced by our company is a kind of highly active baking soda, which has high chemical activity and reaction speed, and has a fast dissolution speed; the active baking soda crystals have a large cubic structure with loose crystals and pile up. The specific gravity is 0.5~0.95g/cm3. Reactive baking soda is used in light industry, chemical synthesis (such as dyes, sodium saccharin) and other fields, which can increase the yield by about 20% than ordinary baking soda.

3. High whiteness: The activated baking soda produced by our company also has a high whiteness, which can generally reach about 93%, and the highest can reach 95%. It can be used for units that have special requirements for whiteness.

4. Complete specifications: The active baking soda particles produced by our company have a wide distribution range, the thickest reaches 20-40 mesh, and the finest 800-1000 mesh. At present, our products are divided into 20 mesh, 60 mesh, and 80 mesh according to the particle size. Various specifications of mesh, 120 mesh and over 800 mesh.

20-60 mesh products are suitable for high-end washing powder, effervescent tablets, cleaning industry and oil well killing.

60-100 mesh products are suitable for feed, dyes, mineral processing, sewage treatment and pharmaceutical intermediates, and are not easy to compact and reduce dust pollution;

80-120 mesh products are suitable for food fermentation industry.

120-200 mesh products are suitable for tanning, fire extinguishing agents, rubber industry and spirulina cultivation, etc.;

Products above 600-800 mesh are suitable for fine grinding and weak alkali filling.