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Professional Skills Training for Employees of Industrial Baking Soda Factory
- 2020-05-16-

On the morning of December 5, 2019, the opening ceremony of the 2019 Zhuhui District Vocational Skills Improvement Training was held in the conference room of Yuhua Group. Deputy Dean Chen Qianjia and Deputy Dean Zhang Liang of Hengyang Technician College, Deputy Director Luo Zhong of Zhuhui District Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, Director Xiao Baowei of Zhuhui District Employment Service Center, Deputy General Manager Yan Qingping and Tang Xiaoheng of Yuhua Group, etc. Leaders attended the opening ceremony of Yuhua Group's vocational skills improvement training.

This vocational skill improvement training activity is a concrete action taken by the Zhuhui District Human Resources and Social Security Bureau to implement the decisions and deployments of the Party Central Committee, the State Council, and Hunan Province to implement vocational skills improvement. It is also an urgent need for the overall improvement of the overall quality of employees of the industrial-specific baking soda group manufacturers. need. Before the training class started, the company's administrative department actively connected with the Hengyang Technician College, implemented the training plan and training courses, and made the selection of trainers and preparations for the training class.

In this training, Yuhua Group has set up two professional classes of chemical control engineer and maintenance fitter. A total of 126 employees have received theoretical course training and practical operations for vocational skill improvement. The training period is from December 5th to December 25th. The training hours of each class are not less than 50 hours. After the training, theoretical examinations and operational practices will be conducted. After the examinations are passed, they will be issued by the Hengyang Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau. The corresponding vocational technical qualification certificate or vocational technical qualification level certificate.

Through this vocational skills training, the vocational skills of Yuhua Group employees have been improved as a whole, and the well-known brands of Snow Baking Soda and Yuhua Baking Soda have been built to provide a strong human resource guarantee for the continuous and high-quality development of Yuhua Group.