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Snowflake baking soda manufacturers help Hengma
- 2020-08-05-

On March 31, 2019, the big city of Hengyang was hot, and Yuhua Group was hot.

At 5:00 in the morning, nearly 200 employees of the Yuhua Group contestants and cheerleaders gathered in the Hengyang Sports Center early.

At 7:30, with the gunshots of the starting ceremony, Yuhua Group assisted the cheerleading team to cheer and shout for familiar runners and unfamiliar guest runners! Let every contestant feel the temperature of Hengyang and the enthusiasm of Hengyang enterprises.

After the start, the participating employees of the Yuhua Group opened the banner of assistance and spread out about 120 square meters of flags on the track, which attracted great attention, attracted attention, and shocked other participants and spectators, showing their beauty. The corporate image of Yancheng.

Yuhua Group, as the title sponsor of this "Hengma", attended the press conference held by the "Hengma" Preparatory Committee on January 10. With the successful signing, the name of the event was titled "2019 Yuhua Group Hunan Hengyang First International Marathon", and it was officially put into various publicity. The concept of "Nature, Ecology, Green, Environmental Protection and Health" advocated by the Marathon coincides with the concept of Yuhua Group's vigorous development of circular economy projects and the path of green and healthy development. The passionate and persevering "marathon spirit" is the best interpretation of Yuhua Group's enterprise spirit of "learning first-class, striving for first-class, creating first-class". By participating in "Hengma", Yuhua Group encourages all employees in the company. Dare to go forward and challenge yourself in the workplace! Advocating the marathon spirit of perseverance and never giving up will influence more people to pursue healthy, vigorous, positive and optimistic lifestyles and share a better life together.

New era, new journey. When the length of 42.195 kilometers was measured with solid feet and sonorously, I looked back. In addition to the runners who are still breaking through their limits and sprinting to the finish line, there are also Yuhua marks all over the eye, injecting new into the company. Spiritual power. Enterprise development is like a marathon. In this long-distance business race, Yuhua Group is steadily striving to become a “ten billion” enterprise and a local listed company in Hengyang.Snowflake baking sodaThe goal of "Yuhua Baking Soda" to become a well-known brand and becoming a "world's No. 1" baking soda production base is to move forward bravely and forge ahead towards the first century goal of decisive victory.