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Deputy inspector Wu Yilong visited a food-grade baking soda factory
- 2020-08-05-

On the afternoon of April 2, 2019, Wu Yilong, deputy inspector of the Hunan Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, and his party visited Yuhua Group (baking soda manufacturer) company for investigation.

Zhong Linhui, chairman of Yuhua Group, reported to the deputy inspector Wu Yilong and other leaders the current situation of the company’s production and operation of baking soda and future development plans, and introduced in detail the application of baking soda has been expanding, and the global specifications for baking soda There are differentiated demands, and the global demand for baking soda is increasing. At present, there are food additive grade baking soda, feed additive grade baking soda, industrial grade baking soda, and pharmaceutical grade baking soda. According to the particle size of the product, the general manufacturer only has two levels, while our company's products have achieved three levels. , More advantages, the coarsest particle size, the best classification. There are currently five particle size classification products, which are far ahead in the industry. Moreover, the baking soda produced by Yuhua Group is produced in accordance with the standards of food-grade baking soda, with higher specifications and standards, with high activity, coarse particles, high whiteness, difficult to agglomerate, and good fluidity. At the same time, because Yuhua Group's production base is in Hengyang, South China, it has great advantages in production time and transportation, so it occupies a wide market in South China.

After in-depth understanding, Deputy Inspector Wu Yilong expressed his appreciation to Yuhua Group. After visiting the company, he highly praised Yuhua Group's corporate standardization construction and the idea of ​​making the company bigger and stronger.

Hu Xiaogang, Director of Hengyang Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, and Xiao Chunlin, Deputy Secretary-General of Hengyang Municipal Government, accompanied the investigation.