Dosage of feed grade baking soda
- 2020-07-17-

Baking soda, also known as sodium bicarbonate, is weakly alkaline.

The electrolyte balance in livestock and poultry plays an important role in maintaining osmotic pressure, acid-base balance, and water and salt metabolism. The action mechanism of the feed additive baking soda is the physiological role of electrolyte balance and acid-base balance.

Studies have shown that feed-grade baking soda has a certain effect on feeding pigs and chickens.

For example: Feeding 4-5 grams of baking soda per day before farrowing and lactating sows can increase the survival rate of piglets by 5%;

Add 0.5% baking soda to the piglet's diet; it can increase the piglet's food intake and increase the daily weight gain by about 10%;

Feeding 3-4 grams of baking soda per day to fattening pigs can reduce feed consumption by about 10%. The method of addition is to dissolve the baking soda in a small amount of water, then add it to the pig feed, mix it evenly, and then feed it after 10-15 minutes.

Although adding feed-grade baking soda to the feed can increase pig weight, it can also cause adverse effects if used improperly. When salt and baking soda are used at the same time, the sodium ions in the pigs will increase. When the amount exceeds a certain amount, it will cause sodium retention in the tissues of the pigs, causing edema, and affecting the nerve center and causing movement disorders. So when adding baking soda, you should reduce the amount of salt used.

The various functions and dosage of feed-grade baking soda in chicken breeding

Neutralize stomach acid

Cooperate with the treatment of glandular gastritis: When the chickens develop glandular gastritis and excessive gastric acid secretion, you can use baking soda to drink, 2 to 3 thousandths, the drinking time is 6-8 hours, because drinking soda will precipitate. You can use the mixing method.

Relieve heat stress

In the hot summer days, chickens are particularly prone to metabolic acidosis due to high temperature. Adding one to two thousandths of feed-grade baking soda to the diet every day can effectively alleviate the heat stress caused by high temperature on chickens. The influence of the group.