Application of feed additive sodium bicarbonate in pig farm
- 2020-07-29-

Sodium bicarbonate, commonly known as baking soda, is a weakly alkaline white powder. As a commonly used dietary additive in farms, sodium bicarbonate can improve feed palatability, increase feed utilization and energy conversion rate, promote livestock and poultry growth and increase meat and eggs Milk production.

Feed additive baking sodaThere are many ways to use it:

1. Prevent heat stress in summer high temperature season: add 2-5 kg/ton.

2. Used for the treatment of mycotoxins in the feed: the addition amount is 5 kg/ton. Since the mold is suitable for growth in an acidic environment, adding sodium bicarbonate to the feed, together with a mold release agent, can inhibit the growth of mold and remove mycotoxins.

3. Adding 2% sodium bicarbonate to the feed of postpartum lactating sows can strengthen the sow's physique and reduce the incidence of yellow and white scours in piglets.

4. When using sulfa drugs, adding 4-7 kg/ton to the feed can alleviate the side effects of sulfa drugs and avoid damage to the kidneys.

5. When drug poisoning or other poisoning occurs, adding sodium bicarbonate to feed or drinking water can speed up the discharge of toxic substances.

6. Sodium bicarbonate is an important buffer for animal blood. When livestock and poultry have severe diarrhea, too much alkali is lost, which is easy to cause acidosis. Adding sodium bicarbonate to the feed can supplement the alkali source in the blood and maintain the body's acid-base balance. .

7. Bacteria multiply and produce a large amount of acidosis during major diseases. Adding sodium bicarbonate to feed can alleviate acidosis.

Precautions when using sodium bicarbonate:

Avoid simultaneous use with vitamin C, organic acids, and acidic antibiotics. The dosage should not be too large to avoid alkalosis. When using sodium bicarbonate, the amount of salt used should be appropriately reduced.