Food grade baking soda water solution
- 2020-07-25-

Nowadays, young people like to drink soda water more and more. Soda water contains weak alkaline and can be disinfected for external use in medicine. In addition to baking soda, soda water also contains a variety of trace elements, so it is a good drink. The so-called soda isFood grade baking soda(Sodium bicarbonate) aqueous solution, can be formed naturally or with weak alkali effervescent tablets, soda effervescent tablets and robots.

Soda water is weakly alkaline and is a weakly alkaline beverage. It is often added with sweeteners and spices. Soda water without added sweeteners is also available on the market. Soda: NaHCO soda: NaCO, weakly alkaline. Soda water is actually carbonated water, and Coca-Cola is the representative of carbonated drinks. Pure soda water is also available, usually in bottles, and can be sold in supermarkets. Can be used for cocktails.

Drinking soda has many benefits for the body:

1. Soda water is weakly alkaline. The human body environment is weakly alkaline. We eat a lot of meat and fish every day, which are all acidic foods. Therefore, an acid-base balance is required. Then, eating more alkaline foods is more conducive to health.

2. Soda water is good for stomach nourishment, because soda water can neutralize stomach acid.

3. Soda water helps relieve symptoms of indigestion and constipation.

4. Beauty: Soda water has antioxidant effect and can prevent skin aging.

Lemon + Soda Water: Helps increase appetite, prevent skin aging, and beautify skin.

Natural soda water has initially completed its market education, and the concept of health has become an important driving force for the rapid development of natural soda water. At the same time, consumers have a certain understanding of the weak alkaline, no additives, and health of natural soda water, and "health" has become a common evaluation of consumers for natural soda water.