Basic knowledge of baking soda
- 2020-07-22-

Sodium bicarbonate (chemical formula: NaHCO3), commonly known as baking soda, baking soda, baking powder (Hong Kong, Taiwan), heavy cask, baking alkali, etc., is a small white crystal, and its solubility in water is less than that of soda. Baking soda is generally divided into: food grade baking soda, pharmaceutical grade baking soda, industrial grade baking soda and feed additive baking soda.

Sodium bicarbonate, with a molecular weight of 84.01, is a white opaque monoclinic crystal or crystalline powder, the particle size is usually 0.05-0.20mm, salty and odorless. It is a white alkaline powder that is easily soluble in water. It starts to work to release carbon dioxide CO2 after being combined with water. It reacts faster in acidic liquids (such as fruit juice), and releases as the ambient temperature rises. The faster the gas acts.

Sodium bicarbonate will leave sodium carbonate after its action, too much use will make the finished product have an alkaline taste. The sodium bicarbonate aqueous solution is weakly alkaline, commonly known as baking soda and baking alkali.

Baking soda properties: easy to decompose when heated. Slowly decompose in humid air. The reaction starts at about 50°C to form CO2, and all becomes sodium carbonate at 100°C. It decomposes rapidly in weak acid, and its aqueous solution starts to decompose carbon dioxide and sodium carbonate at 20°C, and all decompose when it reaches the boiling point. It is soluble in 10 parts of water at 25°C and 12 parts of water at about 18°C. The solution made of cold water without agitation, placed or raised in temperature, its alkalinity increases. The pH value of a freshly prepared 0.1mol/L aqueous solution at 25°C is 8.3.

Decomposition by heating: 2NaHCO₃==△== Na₂CO₃+ H₂O + CO₂↑

Sodium bicarbonate is widely used in the food industry, food-grade baking soda is used as a food additive, pharmaceutical-grade baking soda is widely used in medicine, and industrial professional baking soda is used in smelting, chemicals, textiles, rubber, plastics, spirulina breeding and fire fighting In fields such as feed additives, baking soda is often used in livestock breeding. The main internal quality indicators of baking soda are: total alkali content, drying loss, and PH value. Baking soda production can be used in soda ash enterprises: hot lye sent from the calcination workshop, low-salt heavy ash filtrate and ground alkali recovered in the packaging workshop.